• The Devgad Mango Season 2019 is starting on 25th March and the first dispatch will be on 25th March for Pune, and 26th March for all other cities. However, please note that the first week schedule is a bit dicey, and may get delayed if the mangoes do not mature in time. So the delivery of the first week may not happen in time in such exceptional circumstances. The same holds true for the last week, if rains arrive early.
  • The ordering system will be week-based, where you will have to first select the week when you want the delivery, and then you will see the prices for that week. You can choose only one week at a time while ordering. For different weeks, please put in different orders.
  • Each order week is Monday to Saturday. Order for each week will stop on Thursday of the earlier week. Your order will be dispatched on the Tuesday of the week that you select, and you will receive it anytime by Friday. Below is the table of order weeks, their order closure date and dispatch date!

  • Due to cyclone, rains and unruly weather, the entire Season 2019 will be of 8 weeks only, down from 9 weeks in 2018, and 12 weeks in 2017.
  • There are two modes of delivery, one is home delivery and other is bus transport pick up. In home delivery, you will get your order delivered to your home. In bus transport, you get the order delivered to your chosen pick up centre in your city, from where you will have to pick up your order. Delivery is chargeable. Bus Transport Pick up is charged at standard Rs 200 per dozen, while home delivery has charges that vary according to the city and quantity you choose. Bus Transport Delivery is available in limited cities, and we are working to add more.
  • In case, due to reasons beyond our control, if we are not able to give home delivery, we reserve the right to send orders as parcel via ST bus or travels bus, and you will need to collect the parcel from the ST or travels office. In such cases, you will be informed in advance. If you do not want this option, and the courier will not reach you, we will have to cancel your order and refund your money.
  • For bad mangoes, we offer replacement and the detailed process is mentioned here. http://devgadmango.com/bad-mangoes/
  • For any dispute, you should call us, or email us. Please do not write bad things about us on social media. No one is 100% perfect, right? We may make mistakes, but we will improve.

We have also launched http://devgadmango.com/mango-bonds/