Alphonso Mangoes are popularly known as the King of Mangoes.  Join us in deciphering what makes the Devgad Alphonso Mango the King of the Kings:

  1. The Impeccable Aroma:
    What makes a devgad mango?

    What makes a devgad mango?

Research has proven that original mangoes from Devgad give a strong distinct natural aroma. A single Devgad Alphonso mango kept in a room fills it with its aroma which other varieties of Alphonso mangoes fail to do.

  1. Peels like a banana:

Yes, you read it correctly!. Authentic mangoes from Devgad have skins that peel out as easily as Banana skins. Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself-


  1. Low moisture content and fibres:

Devgad Mangoes have low moisture composition and a thicker pulp along with no fibres making it a perfect juicy mango to eat that has no fibres which would otherwise get stuck in your teeth .


  1. Devgad:

The real credit for the  best mangoes goes to the Devgad area. Devgad is the ideal terrain to grow mangoes because of it’s coastal nature as it lies next to the Arabian sea. The coastal climate and the Arabian sea breezes make the ideal atmosphere for the mangoes to grow. Additionally the Devgad area is a hilly region which bestows it with soil characteristics that give Devgad Alphonso mangoes their richness.

Furthermore, Devgad is the place where the nature’s nourishing meets the nurturing of the best farmers. The 700  farmers of the Devgad region  have united under the umbrella of the Devgad Taluka Amba Utpadak Sahakari Sanstha Ltd  that keeps the farmers up to date, advises farming solutions and sets quality standards for all farmers to follow.

Peels like a banana Devgad Mango

Really peels like a Banana

     5. Sweet Taste:

We encourage our customers to try our produce for themselves and realise how the real Devgad Alphonso Mangoes tastes better than other mangoes. Try it once and never again as the second time you will be ordering our mangoes without a doubt in mind.Devgad Mangoes have a juicy sweet taste that it’s rivals cannot achieve.

  1. Only Ethical:

Authentic, from devgad. No mixing of cheap Karanataka mangoes. No phoney clones sold. No Misbranded mangoes. We are farmers of Devgad and only sell Devgad!

  1. Organically grown:

Farmers of the Devgad Taluka Amba Utpadak Sahakari Sanstha Ltd  do not use processes like chemical ripening. Chemicals such as Calcium Carbide used in growing mangoes sold by many of your local vendors are carcinogenic ( i.e. Cancer causing) that are harmful for you and your family.

Sunset over the Arabian sea in Devgad

Sunset over the Arabian sea in Devgad

  1. Quality checked:

After being handpicked for our customers enough care is taken that customers only get to have the, best of the lot, perfect mangoes. Before our mangoes undergo the grading procedure, each mango passes through a manual check, where it is checked for wounds, spots, sap marks, etc. Making our mangoes flawless.

      9. Replacement guaranteed:

If you ever receive damaged, pressed, squeezed or crushed consignments from us, please let us know, we will be more than happy to replace them for you. Please go through our return-cancellations policy for more details.



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