Mango Grades

Dear Patrons and Alphonso Lovers,

Many of you had asked us about the different grades of our Alphonso and the grading system we follow. For the benefit of all of you, we are revealing the secret of our grading system. Well, that’s an open secret though.

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Following is the chart of our grades and the corresponding weights. However, please note that we are not selling mangoes based on weight! The weights are just for reference.

Average Grades

Note: All the mango weights are average.
  • Grade A1+ Mango (300 gm)
  • A1 Mango Grade
  • Grade 1 Mango (250 gm)
  • Grade 2 Mango (225 gm)
  • Grade 3 Mango (200 gm)
  • Grade 4 Mango (175 gm)
Note: All the mango weights are average.

We grade our Alphonso on the basis of weight! Yes, only on weight. There is no difference in the quality, taste, colour, etc of our Alphonso across the grades. Normally, the market would do it on the base of size, but size is subjective and it is impossible to have a standardisation on the base of size.

This is how the grading is done. A specially calibrated weighing machine shows the grade of each mango, which then goes into their dedicated baskets. From there, it sent for packing. An important point to note is that the weights mentioned are the weights of the fruit while grading. The fruits are graded while they are green as you can see from the picture above, and packed while they are still green or semi-ripe. The weight does reduce by the time the fruits ripen, during transit and also due to moisture loss if the weather is dry. There is no formula to ascertain by how much quantity the weight will reduce. If weathers are cooler, the loss will be less, if they are hotter, the loss will be more. But you can factor in a loss of around 50 to 60 grams per fruit, in case of hotter weathers, and around 15 to 30 grams in cooler weather.

Prior to coming to the grading stage, each mango passes through a manual check, where it is checked for wounds, spots, sap marks, etc.

Ideally, you should not try to weigh the fruits when they come home. We are not selling raddi, that you need to weigh and pay! The weight will anyway be less. You should focus on the mangoes that coming to you ethically ripened without calcium carbide, not mixed with cheaper inferior mangoes.

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