Mango Bonds 2020

Mango Bonds Scheme 2020 to 2022

Mango Bonds: 7% Interest Rate In The Form Of Mango

Mango Bonds is a bond scheme from Devgad Taluka Amba Utpadak Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit, in which you pay for the mangoes in advance, and in return, we offer you rate protection or discount over the market rate. We had launched the first version of Mango Bonds in 2011. We launched a simplified Mango Bonds 2.0 version, and this is now the Mango Bonds 3.0 version starting May 2020

In this version, starting May 2020, we will offer you a 7% Rate of Interest in the form of Devgad Mango every year for your deposit. In other words, you keep a deposit with us, and every year will give you Devgad Mango worth 7% of your deposit. This will also benefit you as your spare money will earn more interest than it will earn from your bank, plus you can also get mangoes every year. Like the first and second version, this will also be a 5-year project, which means you deposit money in 2020, and you will get mangoes from the year starting 2021 to 2025. The base amount will be Rs 50,000 and thereafter in multiples of Rs 5000.

Below are quick terms of Mango Bonds.

  1. In Mango Bonds, you deposit money with us, and we will give you mangoes worth 7% of your deposit, every year.
  2. The minimum amount is Rs 50,000 and thereafter in multiples of Rs 5000.
  3. There is a lock-in period of 5 years.
  4. To enroll, you need to fill up the following form and make your payment. Your mango delivery will start after your deposit completes 12 months.
  5. For any queries, you can call +919823807907.