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Returns & Bad Mango Policy

This policy forms a part and parcel of your terms of use of this website and you are bound by these. is a website operated by farmers and selling farm produce, primarily fruits, which you are aware, are perishable products. You understand that these fruits cannot be stored beyond a certain time limit. Hence any return is bound to kill the quality of the product.

Hence, as a policy, we do not accept returns, for all products. Exception here are cases where you receive damaged, pressed, squeezed or crushed consignments. In such cases, you may return the consignment, provided you give us a call or send us and email or post on our Facebook page when such consignments reach you. The numbers to call in such cases are 9823807907 or 9022112269, the email id to send an email is

Cancellation Policy

You are aware that once you place an order, our farmer members harvest the fruits to process your orders. You are aware that fruits once harvested, cannot be put back onto the trees. Hence, as a policy, orders once placed and paid for will not be cancelled. We may, at our sole discretion, consider postponement of your order, provided we get your update soon enough and operationally we are in a position to do so. We are not in a position to refund money once the order is placed. Please keep this in mind while placing your order!

Replacement Policy For Bad Mangoes

We, as a farmer body, are committed to giving you the best fruits and complete returns for your every rupee. We hope you understand that these are naturally grown fruits and no one can fathom nature. Devgad Mangoes are delicate fruits and they may likely get impacted by unruly weather. You understand that humans like you and us and our behaviour are responsible for climate change, and that is messing up monsoon, summer and winter all across the world. Hence, at times mangoes may go bad from inside or outside.

It will be unfortunate if you receive such mangoes, but you need to understand that we will remain committed to you. Please be assured that we do not pack bad mangoes while we are shipping to you. If we do that, it will be suicide, won’t it? We understand the power of social media, and pure human behaviour. If we give bad mangoes deliberately, then our brand will soon get a bad name, we will not have repeat customers and we will soon go out of business. So why would we do that?

We are not fly by night operators. We are here for the long term. We were founded in 1987, and have been going strong. Hence, we give replacement for bad mangoes. YES, WE GIVE FREE REPLACEMENT FOR BAD MANGOES. Hence, we offer replacement in two very specific cases, subject to specific conditions. They are as follows.

We will offer you replacement in two cases.

Damaged Fruits: Though in rare cases, but at times, the courier travel may damage the fruits by the time they reach you. In such a case, the box used to send the fruits to you will be damaged too. If you encounter such a box, we will offer you replacement for such bad or rotten fruits, provided you inform us via call or email within 6 hours of receiving such consignments, and send us pictures of the damaged fruits and box within 12 hours of receiving such consignments. The numbers to call in such cases are 9823807907 or 9022112269, the email id to send an email is

Bad or Rotten Fruits: Though in rare cases, but at times, fruits that look perfectly good from outside, may be bad or rotten from inside. You understand that this is nature and not a man-made product and we cannot, in spite of all efforts, say for sure what is inside the fruit. If you encounter such fruits, we will offer you replacement for such bad or rotten fruits, provided you inform us via call or email within 6 hours of receiving such consignments, and send us pictures of the damaged fruits and box within 12 hours of receiving such consignments. To simplify this further, this means that when you encounter such fruits, which could be two or three days after receiving the parcel from courier, inform us within the time limit. To make this even clearer, assume that you got the parcel three days ago and the mangoes were not yet ripe, today they ripen, and you cut them, and you find them bad, inform us with pics within the time limit. C’com, we also understand that no one can eat 2 dozens in six hours, except Kung Fu Panda, my favourite! You also understand that mangoes are fruits with very short shelf life and should be consumed within that time frame. The shelf life of the mangoes is around four to six days, from delivery to you, after which the taste starts dropping. Developing of wrinkles on the fruit is also a sign of the end of ideal shelf life of the fruits. We have put up this policy to help people get the worth of their money. We are not fly by night operators, who want to run off with your money. The numbers to call in such cases are 9823807907 or 9022112269, the email id to send an email is
If the whole consignment turns out bad, we replace it. For handful mangoes, we will send you discount codes of the value of the bad mangoes, which you can use on your next order. Please note that Devgad Alphonso Mangoes are not supposed to kept in the refrigerator for reasons as explained here Mangoes will go bad if kept in the refrigerator and we will not be liable for refunds or replacements if you keep the mangoes in the refrigerator and they go bad.

Refunds Policy

In the event we are not able to provide you with a replacement, for reasons including but not limited to season-ending, not enough production, lack of service of courier, etc, we will issue you refunds for the amount you have paid us. The refunds will be issued into your wallet on our portal, and you can use that money to make further purchases. We are not in a position to issue refunds in money. Please keep this in mind while placing your order!

Update: 24 March 2020 Edit: 1 April 2022. This para now stands withdrawn!

As you know, Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi ji has announced a 21-day lockdown in India due to the ongoing coronavirus issue. We have sent emails to all people who have placed orders with us so far about the postponement of their orders. For all orders being placed now on, we would like to inform you that in case the lockdown gets further extended, we would be needed to postpone your orders as well. Given the exceptional conditions this virus may cause, we hereby inform you that we may not be able to issue refunds this year. In case, we are not able to send mangoes to you this year, we would retain your funds in a credit shell that you can use for orders next year.


You are aware that the mangoes that we send to you are sent by third party courier companies and they are the best in their work, Fedex for instance, which we use. You are aware that when we dispatch mangoes to you, they go out of our control. You understand that they should reach you as soon as possible for them to remain their best. We send you a ‘shipped’ update to as soon as they are taken over by the courier company and it is your responsibility to ensure that you or someone will be there at the given address to receive the box. This replacement and refunds will not hold good in the case that they have reached your city, but the delivery to you is delayed because you were unavailable, did not answer the call, or requested a later date for delivery. You understand that mangoes are perishables and delaying delivery is likely to hasten their perishability. Hence, we will not be liable to give any replacement or refund in such a case when the status checks with the courier company shows that later delivery was requested. As explained above, mangoes have a very short shelf life, and should be consumed in that time frame. We are not liable for any requests for refunds and replacements, after the end of shelf life.

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