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Please Give Your Feedback!

We had sent our first consignment of 1000 dozens to Pune on 30th April, and all were taken away by 2nd May. Many people who came to collect their order, ended up taking more along or came back later to collect more. Some who had placed orders did not come to collect even after getting the email, SMS and/or calls from our side. We have classified such people and we will not process any orders from them henceforth unless they make an advance payment. Some came in without placing orders, and we did our best we could to provide them the fruit they needed.

We opened orders for the second and last time on May 5 and sent the last batch of Alphonso to Pune on May 8.

A request to all those who have taken mangoes from us. Please give us your feedback on our service, our fruits, our arrangement, etc and on whatever you want to tell us. Do send us your comments, praises, flowers, brickbats, ATM pin, images, etc whatever you wish!

We look forward to hearing from you!

12 thoughts on “Please Give Your Feedback!

  1. Too good !!! The mangoes are simply delicious and really up to the mark. Devgad Mango – good job guys you are doing the right things…..In this age and day when everyone is running after profit (and more profit) without quality and service, you folks at Devgad Mango are doing a fantastic job of giving the right quality at the right price.

    I cannot express my happiness when I opened the box at home and found each and every mango neatly placed and rightly packaged. There were no artificial ripeners (pudi) in the box which is also a good thing. Plus the color of the mangoes was so lovely that my children simply could not resist eating them right away. Seeing the kids mango-colored cheeks (after eating mangoes) gave me assurance that I had taken the right decision. Also in Pune I had to collect the mangoes from a designated place, next time I would like if home delivery is given.

  2. I had ordered a dozen each from grade1 and grade2. There were couple of mangoes from the grade2 box that were almost rotten. But most of the other mangoes are almost ready and they are good. Mangoes from the grade1 box are yet to ripe.
    But must appreciate the whole idea of making sure that people all over get to eat good quality mangoes. The arrangement of the mangoes was very neat and nice. Please let me know once you are ready to accept the orders again.

  3. they are deliciious!!!I had ordered 1 Dozen and ended up buying 4 dozens… I don’t know about the price…but the mangoes are authentic and delicious…i did not have even one rotten mango out of the 2 dozens that i had…good work…looking forward to order some more!!!

  4. I must appreciate the quality and service provided in order to make delicious and quality crop available to us in Pune. Worth spending for the size and taste even if the rates seem to be higher than market rate.
    Home delivery would be a plus in future.
    Good work by DTAUSS. As a stisfied customer, looking forward to next season.

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  6. Placed an order. Didn’t get my order last time as was notified at the last moment and was not available in Pune on collection day. Hope I get it this time.
    Good that you have included expected date of order arrival this time.

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  8. I got order of 24 mangos of A1 grade AND 24 mangos of 3 grade.

    Out of 24 mangos of 3 grade we consumed 12 mangos . We got 2 rotten mangos.

    I can share images of those if you require.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajanikant Chirmade.

  9. I am sorry to find two mangoes rotten. So next time not to order online for home delivery, better to pick up personally.

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