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Alphonso In The Fridge! Please No!

Today we had a person call up and ask us if he keeps the Alphonso in the fridge, will it last longer. He had already dumped them in the fridge 24 hours before he called us. We couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor little fellows in the cold.

Alphonso is not just a fruit, but a bundle of joy full of life. It will die if you put it in the fridge. The cold in the fridge will suck up all moisture and take the life out of the Alphonso! Instead of lasting longer, it will lose its divine taste faster and also get a heart attack inside. This means it will become bad from inside.

Devgad Alphonso mango is a dry and warm weather fruit. If you see, it’s a summer fruit. Hence, we get it in March to May. Thus by nature, it is not suited for a colder climate. You get apples round the year because most of those you buy from the market come from the cold storage, where they have been lying for almost months.

Devgad Alphonso mango cannot be stored in cold storage because of the reasons explained above. Hence you do not get this divine fruit round the year, but get it fresh in the season only.

Please, please, we request all our patrons to not keep Alphonso in the fridge. Try to eat ripe Alphonso as soon as possible, to enjoy all the pleasure in it! Semi-ripe Alphonso should be in the grass it was packed in. Keep ripe Alphonso in the open to have it last longer!