Terms and Conditions in Simple Language

The terms published on https://devgadmango.com/terms-conditions/ also form a part of the terms and conditions that apply to you, if you decide to use our website!. Along with those, here are additional terms and conditions in simple language!

  1. If you are using this website https://devgadmango.com for any purpose, these terms and conditions apply to you, and are legally binding upon you! Hence, please read and understand all of them, before you decide to use our website, or make purchases on our website.
  2. We sell the original, authentic, Devgad Alphonso Mango. You understand that this is a natural product, that grows on the trees. Agriculture is a slow process and is heavily dependent on Nature, which includes, seas, wind, sunlight, rainfall, etc. You understand that Nature is beyond our control, and this agriculture, which is dependent on Nature, is also beyond our control!
  3.  Hence, even though we take weekly orders, you understand that delivery of our orders may get delayed beyond our promised date. You understand that and are placing an order with us with a full understanding of the same. Given the severe weather changes, it is possible that some of the last weeks of the season may face issues like complete stoppage of production, and hence we will not be able to send your order. In such cases, we will refund your orders into your wallet held on our portal, and you can use the value to place orders for the next season, or purchase products. We cannot refund your orders in money. Please keep this is mind while placing your orders.
  4. If your order is delayed, you accept that and you will not complain, shout, or abuse us for the same. We at our sole discretion, because we know our mangoes, will take a call on when to dispatch which order. We at our sole discretion reserve the right to change rates of mangoes as we deem fit. You will also not post negative reviews on social media. You are sane people, and you understand that this is nature.
  5. You accept that in spite of all care, and quality control, mangoes may go bad from the inside, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. You understand that no one else offers free replacement of bad mangoes, especially the ones that look perfectly good from the outside. However, you understand that we are the only ones to offer free replacement and the terms for that are transparently mentioned here. https://devgadmango.com/return-policy/