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6 Mind-blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About the Alphonso Mango

facts about alphonso mango

The summer season is here and with it comes the entry of the king of fruits- Mango, a true national obsession. With its sunshine yellow skin, hints of red, the glowing and succulent flesh- the type Alphonso is nothing short of sweet pleasure. Mango lovers, you know the feels!

If you’re one of those individuals that haven’t had an Alphonso mango yet, then you’re definitely missing something and ought to give it a try because it’s mentioned according to ample of websites in the list of “1000 things to eat before you die”.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 6 interesting facts about alphonso mango that you haven’t heard before and are sure to get you hooked. Let’s get started!

1. Alphonso was named after a Portuguese General

Believe it or not, the name Alphonso came into origination from a Portuguese general and military expert “ Afonso de Albuquerque”, that helped establish a Portuguese colony in India. Now you might be wondering what that has to do with the fruit?

A lot! It was Portuguese who was responsible for introducing grafting on mango trees to produce extraordinary and incredible varieties like the Alphonso. Hence, being a major contributor to the mangoes we relish today. Mango lovers guess we have a lot to thank them for!

2. The King of Kings (Unsurpassable Color, Taste & Texture)

If one variety of fruit had to compete with the other to own a royal territory, the alphonso mango would triumph over all the other mango types.

Did you know- In 2006 George. W. Bush (43rd president of the United States) came on his first visit to India and tried an Alphonso Mango, after having it, he said to then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that it was “a hell of a fruit’ (that he had tasted no other fruit as good as the Alphonso before)

Here is what makes them so special- The outer layer (skin) of fully ripe alphonso mangoes turn a bright golden yellow with an orange tint spread across the top and have just the right amount of firmness for a perfect bite of the slice.

Along with being rich and sweet in taste, the orange flesh of the fruit has a taste, unlike anything you’ve ever had before. It’s almost like a cross between an apricot, nectarine, peach, melon with hints of honey and citrus all rolled into one. Isn’t that amazing?!

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3. A Surprising Trade Deal:

Did you know that in 2007, the US struck a deal with India, that included the export of mangoes in exchange for Harley Davidson bikes. Although the deal didn’t pan out (work out), it sure does prove the value that Alphonso mangoes hold worldwide.

4. It is the Most Expensive Variety of Mango

Alphonso’s (locally also very popularly called as Hapoos) are the most expensive varieties of mango that are cultivated in India. To find out why this is the case, you can read our blog which answers why alphonso mango is costly.

5. Britain’s Forever Love Affair with Alphonso Mangoes

The first export of alphonso mangoes was done to London in 1953 from Mumbai’s legendary Crawford Market for the Queen’s crowning day.
Ever since the loving bond between Britain and Alphonso mangoes has remained unbroken.

6. Nutritional Facts about Alphonso Mango

Alphonso mango is a huge source of iron. Other nutritional facts include vitamin Ah, vitamin E and selenium along with being rich in antioxidants.


To conclude, there is no doubt that Alphonso mangoes have their own distinctive richness, taste, and aroma that can be recognized even from a distance. Now that you know all the alphonso mango facts, we hope you’ve enjoyed them.

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