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Test Drive in Pune by Devgad Mango!

Ever since we came online last week, people asked us a lot of questions, ranging from prices of our Alphonso, grades, delivery, etc. One question, which came up a lot was whether our Alphonso would be priced lower than the market price. We were kinda eager to know what the customers were comparing us with or had based their benchmark on. So we decided to do a test drive in Pune, to check out the mangoes being sold in the market there. We went into the mandis and also walked into the malls! The rates started upwards of Rs 500 per dozen, but more than that we were really appalled at the quality that was being sold.
Here are two of the mango we purchased that were being sold as Alphonso.

Alphonso Mango

For reference to the size of the mango, we placed it on the palm of one of us
Devgad Alphonso Mango









Now please observe the image of the two mangoes. See the wrinkles on the mangoes. This is a clear indication that these mangoes are overripe! Now see the green tinge still there at the base of these mangoes. Alphonso which ripens naturally would never have a green color. These mangoes are overripe and still have a green tinge. You would never see such mangoes pass our quality criteria.

We knew what these mangoes were, but it was time to cut these mangoes and have them pose for a photo.

Alphonso Mango Taste

This is the state of the mangoes, which the person at the store told us was the best Alphonso. We tasted the side of the mango which was comparatively good. And it tasted awful. Nowhere close to the taste of the Alphonso.

Alphonso, or for that matter, any fruit is Nature’s creation. At times, though rarely, even a perfectly great looking Alphonso fruit can turn out to be bad from inside. Why that happens is a question no one can answer. That’s Nature’s creation and only Nature knows it.

13 thoughts on “Test Drive in Pune by Devgad Mango!

  1. Will the price remain same if the orders received from Tezpur Assam and Kasba Peth Pune?

  2. Very good initiative from mango producers. This will help all alphanso mango lovers to get real good quality mangoes.
    Few queries about your novel project.
    1) what is the delivery time of mangoes to the person/customer in pune who booked order today?how many days required ?
    2)how the mangoes will be delivered to customer? Is there separate box pack for 1 dz./2dz/3dz or much more.?
    3)whether the mangoes are all ripened and ready to eat?

  3. What will be the shipping charges?? As it is price of alphonso mango is very high & add to it shipping charges!! Though I am really hoping that quality of fruit will be much-much better. Would surely try to place order once.

  4. Good idea.

    At least the common man will come to know the diff. bet Devgad hapoos and ordinary hapoos.

    But I am afraid that devgad hapoos many times give bad results after cutting( shown in the photograph.) if it is not properly cared

    I HOPE it may not happen in this case.

    Lets welcome a new idea.

  5. Whether home delivery needs fixed minimum quantity to be ordered?
    Cost varies with quantity?
    Please do reply

  6. Thx for trying to describe the terminlogy to the inexperienced persons!

  7. Let me know whether you can deliver at Indore (M.P.). Will I have to pay anything extra towards courier charges.

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  9. Fantastic blog.Much thanks again. Great.

  10. I really liked your blog.Really thank you! Cool.

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