Date: April 23, 2011Category: DevgadMango Updates

Thanks for bearing with us while our member farmers battled in the orchards to save our Alphonso crop from various attacks, and alongside worked hard to set up channels to get authentic Alphonso across to you. We are opening up

Date: April 14, 2011Category: DevgadMango Updates

Ever since we came online last week, people asked us a lot of questions, ranging from prices of our Alphonso, grades, delivery, etc. One question, which came up a lot was whether our Alphonso would be priced lower than the

Date: April 8, 2011Category: DevgadMango Updates

Hello everyone! We thank you for your patronage and support to us farmers. We have just put up our website and we will soon update content on our blog. Please be with us till then. Thanks, Devgad Mango
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